How to Be an Awesome Passenger on a Winter Drive

Last week, my husband and I travelled to Canmore, Alberta, and experienced some real winter weather. As a result, I thought I could write a helpful blog post with tips on safe winter driving.

But, who’s kidding who… I don’t actually drive. So instead, I’ll share some (mostly) helpful tips on how to be an awesome passenger when you’re on a road trip during the winter. Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Face in the Crowd (Travelling Alberta)

I love the topic of this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post, to “explore the use of anonymity to express both that which is common to all of us and the uniqueness that stands out even when the most obvious parts of us are hidden.”

This week my husband and I were travelling through Alberta, and I took two photos that seem to fit this theme. Read more

West Coast Winter: Christmas Edition

On the West Coast, we often sing the song “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” and mean it, since white Christmases only happen here in our dreams.

But this year, for the first time I can remember, Victoria got one of those magical snowfalls like the kind in a Hallmark movie, where snowflakes started falling softly on Christmas Eve and created a blanket of white by Christmas morning. Read more