Last week, my husband and I travelled to Canmore, Alberta, and experienced some real winter weather. As a result, I thought I could write a helpful blog post with tips on safe winter driving.

But, who’s kidding who… I don’t actually drive. So instead, I’ll share some (mostly) helpful tips on how to be an awesome passenger when you’re on a road trip during the winter.

Snowy drive 2

  1. Help navigate – Or take photos of the cool scenery when you take a wrong turn on the highway…. No, navigating is probably better. I have to confess I got caught up taking photos of the snowy landscape and marvelling at the setting sun when I should have been checking out the route on Google Maps.
Snowy landscape
I’d say where this photo was taken, but I have no idea. 🙂

2. Act as Deejay – Now, this is a role I can fully embrace. Caught in a hectic snarl of rush hour traffic? Bring out the Vinyl Cafe CDs and let Stuart McLean’s stories bring laughter and renewed calm to your drive. Need to stay awake while driving later in the day on a snowy highway? Somewhere there’s a perfect song with a drumbeat to match that can keep your driver alert and upbeat.

3. Stock up on snacks and emergency supplies – Or, like I did, keep talking about how you should have. We reached our destination safely, but one of the things that still gives me shivers is our lack of emergency supplies. As we headed out of the city, we were engulfed in a heavy snowstorm with slippery roads and slow traffic. Before you head out of town, especially if you come from a warmer climate and aren’t used to winter conditions (like we are), stock up on some water, food, and an emergency driving kit like the one described on this site – “Preparing an Emergency Kit for Your Car.”

Screenshot - Emergency Car Kit
Screenshot via

4. Document your journey – Take photos along the way so you can show your driver all the scenery you were gazing at while he or she was keeping eyes firmly fixed on the road… and so you can tell others your stories about the trip. Especially how truly snowy and “blizzardy” it was! And then how beautiful it was when the weather cleared.

Highway snowstorm


Winter Drive

If you have any tips for winter driving or preparing an emergency car kit, please share them in the comments below. I’d also love to hear any song recommendations to add to our repertoire! 🙂

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