This past weekend had some of the most beautiful autumn weather I’ve ever seen in Victoria. The sky was cloudless and blue, the air was warm (17 degrees Celsius!) and the trees continued to show vibrant colours everywhere.

One of my favourite things is to take photos and share the beauty with all of you, but this time I was so busy enjoying the sights with family, I missed my chance to record it. But it was a good reminder that some moments need to be simply savoured and experienced.

For every photo taken, I’m going to remind myself to spend time not taking a photo…

To look at the ocean

To listen to the waves

To feel the breeze

To smell the salt air

To watch a full sunset

To go for a walk and soak in all the sights

To spend time with loved ones soaking in all the sights

So I don’t have any new photos to show this week, but I look forward to sharing more next time. Until then, have a wonderful week, and enjoy soaking in the sights in your corner of the world!

Picture frame
Image courtesy of Pixabay



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