Spring is arriving in Victoria, BC, slowly but surely. And one of my favourite places to see its arrival is on Dallas Road. It shows up in daffodils.

File 2017-03-16, 2 32 56 PM

From a distance, they almost look like dandelions, until you get close up, and they look like this.

edit1 (1)

And they’re just one of the many beautiful things I love about Dallas Road. The explorevancouverisland.com site provides a description of the location and features of the Dallas Road Walkway. It’s a place where people of all ages can stroll along oceanside trails.

2017-02-27 01.37.41

The nearby body of water is called the Salish Sea, and if you stand on the trail and look straight across, you’ll see Port Angeles, Washington. You can also catch some amazing sunsets and everchanging rays of light playing on the water.

2017-02-26 17.46.48

Even when it’s stormy, the ocean is beautiful.

2017-01-29 19.27.24

And in the evenings you’ll often see people just standing at the edge of a path, gazing at the sea and sky.

Feb pic for calendar.JPG

The evening I took this photo, I was struck at the silent kinship my husband and I felt with others on Dallas Road. Most of us didn’t know each other, but we were all taking photos and sharing a kind of silent awe at the amazing sunset in front of us. No one spoke, but we all knew what had made us stop in our tracks.

Dear readers, wherever you live, I hope that spring brings you great weather and time to enjoy a stroll in your favourite place.

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