I’m attempting to combat writer’s block by writing about writer’s block. As Calvin and Hobbes would say, I’ve had a block on top of my desk for two months that’s prevented me from writing there.


But not really. To be honest, writer’s block seems to strike me for one of these three reasons:

1.  Fear – that I’ll sound stupid and my new post will be pure drivel.

2.  What I like to call the 1984 Grammy Awards syndrome – if one of my posts does fairly well and people seem to enjoy it, I feel like I’ve just won 8 Grammys and wonder how I’ll ever be able to match that accomplishment.


3.  Discouragement – if one of my posts doesn’t do very well, I feel like I should throw in the towel and stop writing.


So really, it is a bit like I’ve bought a block from Calvin and Hobbes and placed it on my desk. None of the above feelings are any reason not to write.

While I’ve been procrastinating from writing, I’ve had a chance to connect with many authors and writing coaches on Twitter. At its best, Twitter can be a very encouraging place. This week I was thrilled to connect with an author named Lauren Sapala who wrote a book called The INFJ Writer: Cracking the Creative Genius of the World’s Rarest Type.

According to the Myers-Briggs test, my personality is definitely INFJ, so I’m really looking forward to reading this book. The author was even kind enough to respond to my message on Twitter and told me to let her know if the book helps.

According to Sapala, many writers have trouble writing, especially INFJs and other introverted personalities. In an encouraging blog post, Why INFJs Have Trouble Writing, she outlines many of the reasons why and gives us this great piece of advice:

And regardless of whether you’re an INFJ, if you’re reading this, the time has come for you to step fully into yourself, and claim confidence in your writing. The only way to do this is to get to know yourself through your practice of writing.

And to do that, you have to write.

So that is why I’m combating writer’s block by writing about it. 🙂

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